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I am a student at the U of Minnesota, in music performance. Hopefully, I only have 2 more years, but one never can tell. I created this blog to be a chronicle of my adventures and misadventures in knitting. I recently started knitting, and the finished objects are beginning to pile up. This blog will be a place for me to record my progress, through photos and writing about my knitting.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

*Throws hands up in frustration*

(breathes in deeply)
Okay... so I am SOOOO close to being done with my capelet from Wrap Style. This is the arrowhead lace top down capelet by Ms. Budd. It has gone rather smoothly, and I have been so pleased with how it has turned out. However...
A loose end somehow became too loose, and I lost some stitches... I fixed it a bit, so that the mistake is not as visible- and yet, I don't think I feel comfortable leaving it as is. I think- since I know I will wear this everywhere after I finish it- that I ought to frog the bit, and redo it, since it is such a nice lace pattern. I know that I would regret it if I didn't do it right. But ugh... I also just want to finish it! Its in a lovely color of red, "Spice" in my favorite worsted weight wool, Lamb's Pride. The mohair adds such a fuzzy warmth, and it looks lovely with the arrowhead stitch pattern. I need to finish it so I will be able to wear it as I gleefully deliver christmas cookies to everyone I know! I'll look just like little red riding hood! Whoopie!
And now, to fix that stupid glitch... grumble....
autumn's daughter

Monday, November 28, 2005

Oh! The rapture!

My Knitpicks order has arrived! Well, in a sense- it is sitting in my parents' living room right now, no doubt the cats are pestering it, and I feel so lonely here without my beloved yarn... we shall meet shortly my darlings... and I shall knit you to my heart's content...

Monday, November 21, 2005


My first post on my knitting blog- how exciting! I don't really know what to write or where to start. Maybe my beginnings as a knitter? Yes, that seems logical.
I suppose I've known to knit for far longer than I imagine. My mother taught me at a young age, but since I was (am) a stubborn girl, I never got into it. I went through that inevitable stage when everything mother does is dowdy. Well, I grew out of that eventually, and sat down to try to learn. Now, I cannot say that my process of learning how to knit was "peaceful" or "calming." No, it was more "traumatic" and "painful". Well, to start, anyhow. I have since convinced myself that it was the yarn's fault. Yes, that's right- I mean, poor unfortunate soul that I was, poor neglected, fiber-starved child (not dietary) that had to learn on Lion Brand Honespun! Yes, I know, it was terrible- it split everywhere, caught on my neglected cuticles, and the boucle kept sliding and bunching. It was miserable- but not necessarily just because of the yarn. I cast on a scarf that had about 60 (yes, 60) stitches. I got through about four rows, and was whupped. I felt completely dominated by this stupid, bunchy,scratchy, fuzzy yarn- and that was essentially the truth of the matter. I gave up for the time being. I threw the scarf beginning and the skein of evil into the closet, to fester in the corner, while I pretended to not hear it taunting me- Britta... you know I'm in here... you will never finish me... I have won.
Well, dammit, I was not going to let a stupid ball of yarn get away with that. Just to show it who was boss (and my neck was freezing- Minnesota gets real cold, dontcha know) I ripped out my former working, quite aggressively I might add, and cast on a more reasonable 25 stitches. And I knit. And I yelled obscenities as I dropped stitches.
Well, as you could probably guess, the resulting...uh... "object" was a complete monstrosity. It was so riddled with holes, it looked like it had been used for target practice by a firing squad. I also realized that the color and texture strangely resembled something my cat puked up after eating a dead leaf. I wondered what possessed me to finish it- stupidity? Stubbornness? Or was it something else? It ended up being that something else.
I slowly discovered the beauty and virtue of wool. Almighty wool, I bow down to you, for you have saved me from the abysmal pit of fun fur and homespun. All hail mighty wool.
So now, I have been knitting steadily for about a year and a half. I am working up courage to knit a sweater. Part of me wants to wait until after I 've lost that weight that I have been meaning to lose for 3 years. Another part says Do it already!
Well, I have to go finish up some homework (oh, college) and sleep. Have a nice evening.