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I am a student at the U of Minnesota, in music performance. Hopefully, I only have 2 more years, but one never can tell. I created this blog to be a chronicle of my adventures and misadventures in knitting. I recently started knitting, and the finished objects are beginning to pile up. This blog will be a place for me to record my progress, through photos and writing about my knitting.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Let's try this again...

Okay, so I guess I "forgot" about this thing... (looks sheepishly away)
But now its round two. I think I neglected, abandoned, and otherwise mistreated my blog because I have not quite gotten the hang of taking pictures for it, and that makes it boring. Also, life has a way of busying itself with things other than knitting. Thus, much as I adore the craft, I am rarely able to indulge these days, except by vicariously knitting through looking at more adept knitters' FO's.
I did just order some yarn from Bartlett- the 2 ply in "Blue Loch". I am going to make Oat Couture's Celtic Cardigan with that... if it gets here before summer. I am hoping that the shipping will be speedy. But I won't place any bets.
In other news, aka the rest of my life, I am putting together my junior voice recital, and I have less than three weeks before the big day. I am getting a teensy bit nervous (read: I get palpitations just typing about it.) Why do I do this to myself? I love singing, I just have to remember that.
Really, that is what is consuming my life and knitting time right now. I have so much to do for that, so knitting is my little escape-whenever I can manage to save an hour here and there.
As usual, my postings will probably be sporadic, but I hopefully will keep this thing afloat.
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